€2.500.000 collected thanks to the Interreligious Match for Peace!

The count of the fund raising, linked to the event of the last September 1st at the Stadio Olimpico, is finished

Milan (ITA), September 10th, 2014The total amount collected from the Interreligious Match for Peace is € 2.490.000. Data were communicated by the two promoting entities – Scholas Occurrentes and Fondazione P.U.P.I. – and are referred to the final balance of all the fund raising activities, linked to the first Interreligious Match for Peace, played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, last Monday, September 1st.
The sum derives from € 709.141, collected through the supportive number (SMS and calls), € 178.506, from the ticket office of the Stadio Olimpico, € 55.000 from the online auctions and the leftover, from the grants of the partners and donations of private people.
As expected, the funds will be used to support the projects, dedicated to the children and managed by Scholas Occurrentes and Fondazione P.U.P.I.
At 22:53 of last September 1st, 2014 the first Interreligious Match for Peace was stopped by two whistles of the referee – and not three, as expected by soccer regulations – exactly to represent the never ending character of that match, which we to continue, also by playing; everyone from one’s space, persevere toward Peace, promoting the dialogue and the culture of the encounter.
The two organizing entities, as institutions that believe in the open and transparent communication, think that the peculiarity of the developed action makes it necessary to communicate the results; through significant indicators, they want to provide a description of the outreach and the quality of the carried out event, acting in the sign of transparency, a commitment the organization feels to owe to the many protagonists of the evening: the partners, the public and many people, who contributed in the achievement of that first wonderful result.

After, a summary of the impact comes up, in terms of engagement and communication.

HIGHLIGHTS TV, media, audience

  • 51 Live connected Countries
  • 187 Newspapers with accreditation from all over the world
  • 480 Information specialists: journalists, photographers, multimedia operators
  • 4.996.758 Viewers on Rai1 – Audience record for time slot (Audience Peak: 6.450.921 at 9.03 p.m.)
  • 20,74% Share (Share Peak: 25,56% at 9.03 p.m.)
  • >15 Milioni Television contacts in italy
  • 24% Viewers of the age group 8/14 years
  • 424.000 Supportive SMS
  • 18.000 People present at the stadium (13.745 paid the ticket)


Facebook *

  • 1.9 milioni Visualizations of the contents on the FB page
  • 120.000 “Like” to the contents published on the official page
  • 7.500 Shares of the contents
  • 6.000 Comments to the published posts
  • 21.0000 Fans of the official page of the event



During the match, the two official Hashtags had been the first and second Trend Topic in Italy

  • 1.8 milioni Visualizations of the profile
  • 61.700 tweet #partitaperlapace
  • 15.000 tweet #matchforpeace
  • 8.175 Retweet
  • 8.342 Fav



During the event and at the end of the match, the 56 protagonists on the field – among the best football players and trainers in the world – were committed to promote the brotherhood among peoples, signing the Manifest for the Peace, a declaration shared with other real societies: religious people, artists, journalists, referees, etc. The reading of the Manifest for the Peace represented one of the most significant moments in the Rome historic night: Written in diverse languages, it was read by five players, of different nationalities and religions, chosen among the athletes, united in the center of the field, in the sign of brotherhood and encounter. Champions of different religion, culture and mother tongue, interchanged in reading: Zanetti in Italian, Eto’o in French, Dudu Aouate in Hebrew Schevchenko in Ukrainian, Muntari in English and Baggio in Italian, to end with Zanetti, who, in Spanish, invited everyone to “Shout the clamor for Peace”, repeating Pope Francis’ words, who inspired the Match for Peace.


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