It is a public wellbeing educational entity, driven by Pope Francis, linking technology, arts and sports, in order to promote social inclusion and cultural encounter.
Because it is necessary to promote a “Culture of encounter”.
This requires recreating a different education, in order to retrieve an anthropological look and the essential human values; and to encompass all children living reality. That is, a holistic and social integration gaze: we all have a place in this educational proposal, doctors, police officers, artists, homeless … The Pope calls them all.
As Pope Francis says, popularly beloved people educate millions of children by their example, and sports and arts are excellent tools to form values.
Scholas vision is to transform the world into an integrated and peaceful society.
Improving education and achieve communities integration, making focus on low-income areas, through the commitment of all stakeholders, linking schools and educational worldwide networks from educational, sporting and artistic projects. These are the objectives of Scholas.
The values that drive Scholas into action are: Peace, Diversity, Cooperation, Participation, Honesty and Environmental Awareness.

Scholas implements:
Values Awareness campaigns,
Develops its own programs in order to integrate children and young people into the community and into the world,
Supports educational projects,
Promotes and facilitates the linking of all the various schools and education networks in the world.
The olive tree, symbol of Peace, it is Scholas symbol.
Multiplied Olives around the world, functioning as a virtual forest, try to put the spotlight on the worldwide network of schools, Scholas Occurrentes.

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fondazione pupi

PUPI Foundation was established in 2001. Its main goal is to guarantee and give protection to children and adolescents rights.
It was born thanks to Javier Zanetti and his wife Paula, who both wanted to find a place where to develop the project.
Since then, its aim is to create an intervention plan to support the development of the most vulnerable groups within society.
The headquarter is in Remedios de Escalada, in Buonos Aires area, where the Centre for early childhood and the one for complementary education service operate.
Javier and Paula didn’t choose this area by accident, in fact, they are both very fond of it: it’s the place where they met for the very first time so they wanted the families who live there to be the first to take advantage of the project’s activities.
Now, after more than 10 years, PUPI Foundation offers an intervention plan which aids children from their early early childhood to adolescence. It promotes information, offers assistance, gives organization and sensibilities the public opinion and collective activism.
Nowadays, PUPI Foundation’s first purpose is keeping on promoting the policy of equal opportunities. They do believe that guaranteeing humans rights to children and their families is something that can really happen, that’s why they will go ahead and promote their activity.
A large group of professional people is part of PUPI Foundation: teachers, educators, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, social workers and political analysts, they all work together as an interdisciplinary team which provides the right tools to bring any project to success.


    • 1. Theatre workshop
    • 2. Music workshop
    • 3. Murga workshop

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Project “un’ alternativa di vita”

ROME (ITA) August, 25th, 2014: Accompanying, through the completion of the compulsory education, preteens and adolescents, who live in socially and economically disadvantaged contexts and who risk the marginalization, to support their psychophisical development day by day: This is the aim of “UN’ALTERNATIVA DI VITA” (“A Life Alternative”) – promoted by Scholas Occurrentes and Fondazione P.U.P.I. Onlus – to which will be donated all the proceeds from the first Interreligious Match for Peace, that will take place on September 1st, 2014 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

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